Xposed GEL Settings Premium 2.3.11 apk

Hello, I'd like to introduce the new version of android. It is a full real time that UNLOCKS the strategy for your mobile.

Xposed GEL Settings Premium v2.3.11
Requirements: 4.1 and up, Root
Overview: I don't understand why Google wants me to have this omnipresent search bar on every home screen if there obviously is Google Now / Google Search embedded into the launcher if you go to the left page.

So after some searching I found a way to hide it. But it will show again if you go to the left screen; no functionality is lost. Of course digging through the code I found some more things which are customizable

 Requires Xposed Framework
 Only for Google Now Launcher and Trebuchet



 Google search bar / automatically show search bar on Google Now
 apps from the app drawer
 page indicator
 app dock / auto hide
 all apps button
 icon labels

Gestures: [some require In-App-Purchase]
 swipe down left, middle, right
 swipe up left, middle, right

> Gesture actions

 pull down notification bar
 pull down quicksettings panel
 open app drawer
 open last app from recents
 open android settings
 go to sleep
 toggle hide/show app dock
 launch an app

Change grid:
 app drawer
 app dock
 homescreen margins

 app drawer background
 folder colors (background, font, preview)
 text colors on homescreen and app drawer

 resize icons
 resize icon texts
 hide shadows

System UI:
 hide clock on default homescreen
 open the app drawer when pressing the home button on default homescreen
 change the icon of the home button to an app drawer icon on default homescreen
 go to sleep when pressing back button on every screen or only on default homescreen
 change the icon of the back button to a power off button

 rotate launcher
 all widgets are fully resizeable
 set your own default homescreen
 lock desktop
 continuous scroll (experimental)
 overscroll left or right to open the app drawer
 overscroll in app drawer goes back to homescreen
 close app drawer after launching an app
 disable wallpaper scrolling

Backup/Restore: [requires In-App-Purchase]
 backup / restore homescreen layout (icon and folders)

Please consider XGELS Premium to support the development of this app! Thanks so much!
 fixed folder preview in app drawer
 fixed "Always show 'Ok Google'" again

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