Mobile Counter Pro - 3G, WIFI 3.9.5 apk

Hello, I'd like to introduce the new version of android. It is a full real time that UNLOCKS the strategy for your mobile.

Mobile Counter Pro - 3G, WIFI v3.9.5
Requirements: Android 2.1 and up
Overview: Application to count network traffic (GSM/CDMA/WIFI)

Application to count network traffic (GSM/CDMA/WIFI)
Mobile Counter(3G, WiFi, network traffic) - application to count network data GSM/CDMA/WIFI
Languages support: English, German, Slovak, Polish, Chinese, Romanian, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Czech
Calculation types:
 Standard counting(default)
 Enable/Disable rounding in blocks (e.g to 100KB for session)
 Enable/Disable separately round outgoing and incoming transfer to block of data
 Disable couting outgoing(sent) transfer

Example calculation without blocks:
Received 134 KB, sent 455 KB –> Will be saved 134+455=589 KB
Example calculation with blocks of data:
Basic carrier unit (block of data): 100 KB
When disable separately rounding:
Received 134 KB, sent 455 KB –> after disable mobile network in your phone will be saved: 134+455=589 (round to 600 KB)->600 KB
When enable separately rounding outgoing and incoming data (you have to enable separately rouning in application options):
Received 134 KB, sent 455 KB –> after disable mobile network in your phone will be saved: 134 (round to 200 KB)+455 (round to 500 KB)=700 KB
Similar application to 3G watchdog, netCounter, netTraffic, network traffic,
Application without ADS and for free. Extended functionality has been added for users who donate application.
You decide how worth/useful this application is for you, so you can donate with value you want
New functionality for users who donate application:
 More widgets 2X1(WIFI, transfer limits, billing period)
 More widgets 1X1(GSM, WIFI, transfer limits, billing period)
 New styles for notification bar (limit transfer, mobile GSM/CDMA, billing period)
 Transfer used by application (req. android>2.1)
 Export/Import data to SD card
 Billing period calculation
 Option to not counting sent transfer
 Option to set alerts when transfer limit less than ... (in MB) will expire in ... (days)
 Option to enable vibration when transfer limit will be exceeded
 Option to set first day in week (Saturday, Sunday, Monday)
 Show application icon in notification only when enable GSM/CDMA/WIFI
 Set expiration period in days, weeks, months
 Option to count separately transfer for one WIFI SSID e.g to count hotspot traffic
 New statistics (for billing period, WIFI SSID)
 Option to add not used transfer from last period to next

Needed permissions:
android.permission.ACCESS_WIFI_STATE - to check if WIFI is enable/disable
android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE - to check if GSM is enable/disable
android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - to save exported transfer to SD card
android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE - to read id_device (id_device is require to generate unique activation code for extended functionality for user who donate app)
android.permission.VIBRATE - to enable vibration when transfer limit will be exceeded (optional in settings)
No permissions to network, so application doesn't send any information from phone.
Please check if GSM/CDMA/WIFI works for you on your phone before donate.\

Free Download

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