Summary: The Mozilla Firefox Web browser brings the best of desktop browsing to Android, now optimized for the way you browse on tablets.
File Name: Firefox_10_0_multi.apk
File Size: 15.0 Mb

File Name: Firefox_10_0_en_us.apk
File Size: 12.8 Mb

Best of all, it puts the Firefox you apperceive and adulation at your fingertips. It’s fast, accessible to use and customizable, with the latest aegis and aloofness appearance to advice you break safe online.

Firefox Web Browser Features:

*Awesome Screen
*Location-Aware Browsing

For a complete account of features, analysis out

Recent changes:
*New book UI and features
*Faster start-up time
*Camera ascribe support: developers can accommodate camera functionality anon in Web sites
*HTML5 anatomy validation.

Download Link :
Summary: So you anticipate you've baffled agriculture sims? Try active bristles farms in one game! Acreage Frenzy 3 challenges you to check disturbing farms about the world. Conquer Acreage Frenzy 3, and you ability acquisition yourself admiral of the Farmer's Union!

File Name: Farm_Frenzy_3_1.15.apk
File Size: 1.82 MB

SD Tegra:
File Name:
File Size: 79.51 MB

SD Adreno:
File Name: com.alawar.rar
File Size: 33.48 MB

Sd Mali:
File Name: com.alawar.farmfrenzy3.rar
File Size: 34.25 MB

The Frenzy goes all-around as you accouterment 95 fast-paced levels in Africa, Russia, the Wild West, an beastly boscage and more! Feed 30 alien animals such as walruses, penguins and llamas while attention your acreage from alarming jaguars, lions and bears!
When you bolt a predator, dress it in a asinine accouterments and advertise it for profit! Then acknowledgment to the business of growing crops, accession goods, purchasing factories, advance your barn and transportation, and affairs and affairs supplies.
Can you exhausted the accomplished account on OpenFeint and prove you're the best basic agriculturalist in the world?

95 levels in bristles countries
30 animals, including bristles enemies
33 articles to make
17 barrio and vehicles
16 trophies and achievements

What's in this version: v1.15
Performance improvement
Issue with accent fix
Minor fixes.

Download Link:
Summary: Must accept app for any basis user. Make backups, beam ROMs, and own your device.
File Name: rmp5001.apk
File Size: 2.5 MB

ATTENTION: I (Developer) accept started the rollout of ClockworkMod Accretion 5 for some devices. It will accept faster tar backups, as able-bodied as will appropriately bottle the filesystem blazon at time of backup. If CWR5 fails to beam try aflame again, that usually fixes it (bad flash).

ROM Manager is THE MUST HAVE APP for any Android basis user.

* Beam your accretion to the latest and greatest ClockworkMod recovery.
* Manage your ROMs via a accessible UI.
* Organize and accomplish backups and restores from aural Android!
* Install ROMs from your SD card.
* Install your admired ROMs over the air!

Premium Version:
* Premium ROMs
* Receive notifications for back your ROM is updated!
* Automatic backups
* Install from QR Code
* Web Connect
* Support

What's in this version: ClockworkMod Touch Recoveries accept been added to ROM Manager for baddest devices. Touch recoveries are FREE downloads on the ClockworkMod website, or as an in app acquirement aural ROM Manager. Your abutment is appreciated!

Download Link :
Overview: MixZing is artlessly the best avant-garde media amateur around!
Requires: Android 1.5 and college devices.
App Name And Version: MixZing Media Amateur (NoAds) 3.7.0
Size: 3.42 MB (3,596,527 bytes)

File Format: Apk
Build Name: com.mixzing.basic
Change Log:
▷ Discover abundant new music from absolute musicians (provided by Indaba Music)
▷ Bug fixes

▷ Music ID identifies your songs, alike those after accurate tags, and lets you apple-pie up their tags and anthology art
▷ Displays lyrics for millions of songs
▷ Mood Amateur creates custom alert sessions--like Pandora for your music!
▷ Graphic blaster for MP3, AAC/M4A and OGG files
▷ Discover abundant new music from absolute musicians (provided by Indaba Music)
▷ Automatically saves playlists and lets you restore deleted ones
▷ Folder browser lets you admission your media accumulating by accumulator folders
▷ Tag editor for best book types
▷ Discover new music with spot-on recommendations
▷ Lock-screen accoutrement to ascendancy amateur while buzz is locked
▷ Sleep timer
▷ Automatically downloads missing anthology art
▷ Home-screen widgets with anthology art
▷ Batch playlist editing
▷ Genre and video browsing.

Download Link:
Summary: A Professional Business Agenda Reader.
File Name: b129.apk
File Size: 9.8 MB

CamCard is the best business agenda reader. It can abduction business agenda images with phone-based camera, admit the agenda angel content, and the accustomed aftereffect is automatically organized as a acquaintance and adored into buzz abode book and Agenda Holder. In addition, CamCard contains abounding advantageous features, such as email signature recognition, QR cipher bearing and recognition, consign Excel files and etc.

Main features:
-Automatically trim and enhance agenda angel afore save into Agenda Holder.
-Options to save into the phone/Gmail/Exchange contact.
-Automatically admit the accent blazon of the agenda angel content.
-Automatically circle the agenda image
-Batch cutting or importing agenda images for recognition
-QR cipher bearing for the contact’s content
-QR cipher acceptance for the contact’s content
-Email signature recognition
-Double-side business agenda angel capturing
-Search acquaintance in Agenda Holder
-Export acquaintance as vcf or Excel book in Agenda Holder
-Add note
-Password protection
-Support Likedin allurement or search
-Support business agenda acceptance for English, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish

What's in this version:
1.fixed issues in some Android 2.1 devices
1. Backup Cards in Cloud: All cards can be adored in the Cloud securely, privately.
2. Restore Card: Restore cards in case of adventitious deleting.
3. Cloud Sync beyond Multiple Devices: Scan a agenda with one device, all updates will be synced beyond multi-devices including Android, iOS, and Web.
4. Enhanced Group Management: Makes it abundant easier to administer all cards and groups.

Download Link:
File Name: com.lonelycatgames.Xplore-2470-2.47.apk
File Size: 1.2 Mb

* Dual-pane timberline view
* Basis admission (on abiding devices), additionally acceptance changes to read-only files
* Shows all centralized and alien anamnesis locations
* Seamless assignment with Zip (as if it was accustomed folder)
* Favorites (folders, Zips) displayable in root
* Basic media advice about images, video and audio files
* Built-in admirers for images, video, audio, text
* Hex viewer
* Fast Image eyewitness with zoom and accelerate to previous/next images in folder
* Thumbnails for images and video as able-bodied as for assorted book types (depending on associated application)
* Ability to bright absence appliance handlers
* Multi-selection - consistently available, yet not disturbing
* Look files in folders (also in Zip or in look results)
* Appearance APK files as ZIP
* Configurable buttons and key shortcuts

X-plore allows you to see central of your Android buzz or tablet.

This is a dual-pane explorer, which agency that there're two folders apparent at aforementioned time, and accepted operation such as artful files are done from one area to another.
And X-plore shows binder bureaucracy in a timberline view. This offers bright acclimatization on area in book arrangement you currently are, and fast switching to added location.

Currently called binder and files are highlighed, while added folders/files accept slighly darker background.

You may analyze internals of the device, and if you're ability user and accept your accessory rooted, you can accomplish changes to arrangement abstracts - advancement files, abolish exceptionable applications, etc.

What's in this version:
- New argument book creating;
- Setting book permissions (on files in root);
- Desktop shortcuts additionally to files;
- Config option: accessible APK as ZIP by default;
- Config option: another bash to about-face pane;
- Fixed Rar abstract bug.

Sharing files from any location: local, network, zip (works on Android 2.3+)
More arrangement integration:
add binder shortcuts to Home screen
open Zip, Rar in X-plore
selecting book (e.g. adapter from Email app)
fixed bug in Rar extracting
better video thumbnails.

Download Link:
Summary: FriendCaster Pro - the best Facebook acquaintance on Android devices, with no ads !
File Name: F.C.P.F.v4.3.apk
File Size: 3.68 MB

FriendCaster for Facebook gives you the best Facebook acquaintance on Android devices!
Advantages of FriendCaster over the accepted Facebook for Android app:
★ More Secure with Enforced SSL Encryption
★ New ActionBar UI
★ Pull To Refresh
★ Dark and Light capacity to clothing your preference
★ Gmail/K-9 Push Notifications. FriendCaster can analysis for emails that Facebook sends to you cogent you that you’ve got a notification.
★ Notifies on Facebook Messages, Friends’ Birthdays & Notifications
★ Notification Popup (which can appearance over Lock-screen and has Quick Reply). Similar to SMS Popup, Handcent SMS, etc.
★ Share Links from the Browser calmly after actuality redirected to Mobile Web
★ Ability to baddest the aloofness ambience for anniversary Facebook Status/Post you make
★ Ability to Like comments and see how abounding brand comments have
★ Re-Share your Facebook Friend’s Posts
★ Add Facebook Friends as Favorites for accessible access
★ Ability to Add/Remove Facebook Friends
★ Incredible accumulating of photo filters and enhancements
★ Add "stickers" and argument to your photos
★ Upload assorted photos (with Gallery)
★ View the Photos that your Friend’s are tagged in on Facebook
★ View and Tag Friends in Photos on Facebook
★ Upload Photos to Groups and Pages (that you own) on Facebook
★ Upload Video to Facebook
★ Upload assorted videos with the Gallery App

Other notable features:
- Excellent Widget
- Checkin & Places
- View your Events and Groups
- View Friends, their profiles, photos and albums
- Upload High Resolution Photos
- RSVP to Events, see who’s accessory and area it is
- In-built Inbox Messages view
- Vibrate, LED and Sound options

We're abacus new appearance all of the time, so analysis aback often!

What's in this adaptation : (Updated : January 30, 2012)
New UI architecture for Accounts/Login screen.
New UI architecture for Popup notification.
New "zip it" button in notification popup to about-face off approaching notifications for that post.
Changed absence brace notification "Checking Frequency" from 15 to 10 minutes.
Added accumulation associates tab to groups view
Fixed inconsistencies in absence ethics back retrieving preferences.
Fix for photos not assuming up in News Feed.

Download Link:
Summary: The best anatomic and customizable amateur for your video and music in phone.
File Name: m2110.apk
File Size: 1.4 MB

You can't use accoutrement if installed to SD!*

Convenient gestures to control.
Advanced media binder settings, you can set including and excluding folders -- in ANY DEPTH. Not alone one akin beneath /sdcard now.
PlayQ rather than playlists, can handle videos, musics, and their MIXTURE. Also, you can put a folder, an artist, an anthology or like that into a PlayQ.

Other features:
- ID3 editing
- .srt explanation support
- Song rating, can accord with PC in Pro version
- Play video as music, for your music videos
- Toolkit to rescan SD card, apple-pie media database
- Binder browsing and basis browsing
- Customizable tabs
...and more.

Meridian Media Player's able features:
Can aces bounded angel for anthology art
PlayQ-dependent aftermost played position (and resume), array order, and customizable images.
When playing, tap on 4x3, 3x4, or 4x4 widget's song title/album/artist to alarm up appraisement chat boxCan set art in a PlayQ.
Synchronize song ratings with MediaMonkey or Windows Media Player
In toolkit, aloof tap it.
4x4, 4x3, 3x4 widgets with anthology art (Screenshot here)
.lrc book support
For a song called "song.mp3" (or added extensions), name the lrc book "song.lrc" and put it in the aforementioned folder, or /sdcard/Lyric. The lyric will appearance up concurrently.
Search and Download anthology art, footfall awning shots here
Or in toolkit tab, one tap to download all missing anthology arts.
PlayQ picker
You can baddest assorted media files by aloof borer them once. Do this by continued borer on your PlayQ, again accept "Picker".
Demo video
AudioBook PlayQ
Please actualize an "AudioBook" agenda beneath sdcard (or if you accessible AudioBook tab it will actualize one), and put your files in a sub-directory called as the book. Again you will acquisition the auto-generated Audiobook PlayQs in Audiobook tab.
If you don't see the audiobook tab, accredit it in MENU -> Preference -> Tabs.
Sleep timer
When arena music, you can set a timer to auto stop music in defined time.
Cue music book arena support
Please use Browser tab to tap on the cue file. Also please accomplish abiding the aisle declared is correct.
Subtitle adjustment
You can acclimatize the argument admeasurement and blush of subtitles in the Preference page.
Brightness adjusting gesture
Long tap video until you see "Gesture Holding Mode" in the top-right corner, that accelerate up for lighten, bottomward for darken.

What's in this version:
2.1.10 (2012/1/31)
Fix 4x4 accoutrement button issue
Fix stop resuming from calling bug.

Download Link:
Summary: A simple App to Advancement and Restore SMS Messages. This is No-Ads adaptation of SMS Advancement & Restore.
File Name:
File Size: 1.0 MB

* Automatic Appointed Backups.
* View Advancement Contents.
* Backups created in XML Architecture on the SD Card.
* Option to advancement called conversations only.
* MMS not accurate yet.

Q 1: What does this app do?
Q 2: Does it advancement MMS (Picture/Music/Video) Messages?
Q 3: Area is the advancement stored?
Q 4: What blazon of book is created for the backup?
Q 5: Can it accomplish backups automatically (scheduled backups)?
Q 6: How do I admission the advancement files?
Q 7: I cannot accept the abstracts in the advancement file, how do I see it an accessible to accept format?
Q 8: Can I use this App to alteration letters from my old phone?
Q 9: I am accepting an absurdity like “No address admission to file:/sdcard/smsbackuprestore/(nameoffile).xml” during backup. Whats activity on?
Q 10: I approved the Restore but alone got some of my letters back, Why?
Q 11: Why is the Appointed Advancement not authoritative any backups for me?
Q 12: This App has deleted all my messages!!! ?
Q 13: Why does it charge so abounding permissions?
Q 14: What is that cardinal is the date acreage in the advancement file?
Q 15: I am accepting an absurdity back aggravating to Advancement or Restore, how to get it working?
Q 16: Why is the app starting back I restart/reboot the phone? I can see it in the Task Manager app.
Q 17: Area can I get an Ad Free adaptation of SMS Advancement & Restore?
Q 18: I adequate my SMS Letters and now they arise in the amiss adjustment in Handcent SMS and some of my absolute letters are duplicated. Why?
Q 19: I accept amid my SD Card from an earlier buzz to a buzz and the app cannot acquisition the advancement files on the SD Card. How to restore my messages?
Q 20: What is “Archive Mode” and how does it work? Can it absence letters from actuality backed up?
Q21: I accept a Motorola buzz and back I accomplish a Restore, all the letters get the time of restore rather than the absolute time of the message. How do I fix it?
Q22: What affectionate of advice is collected/stored/sent to servers by this app?
Q23: I aloof adequate a few thousand argument letters and now every time I accessible the Messaging app it freezes and annihilation appears. What do I do now?

NOTE: There is a accepted botheration with some firmware versions of the Droid X and Droid 2 phones that the adequate letters do not get the actual time stamps.

What's in this version:
Fixed a botheration area new advancement files do not arise appropriately back some phones like Galaxy Nexus are affiliated to a computer.
Updated translations.
Other accessory bug fixes.

Download Link:
Summary Elecont Acclimate is the best advisory android appliance about environment: accepted acclimate and acclimate anticipation from altered acclimate providers, acclimate alerts, aftermost earthquakes, alive radar, geomagnetic storm forecast, burden changes indicator and moon and sun calendar.
File Name: w3n0.apk
File Size: 5.6 MB

• 2 world-known acclimate providers: Intellicast and Foreca;
• 130 000 locations all over the world;
• 17 aboriginal widgets of the weather, time, moon phase, barometer, Geomagnetic index, UV basis (1x1, 2x2, 1x4, 4x1, 4x2, 3x3 etc). For add Geomagnetic widget: add "Elecont Acclimate 1x1" accoutrement and set blazon to "Geomagnetic" in accoutrement options.
• 10 day forecast;
• 10 notification indicators in statusbar: temperature, moon phase, earthquakes, alerts, barometer etc;
• Animated doppler NEXRAD alarm on Google maps for USA except Alaska and islands;
• Acclimate alerts (for USA only);
• 100 latest Earthquakes in the apple on Google map;
• Barometer with cephalalgia indicator;
• Moon phase, moon set and moon acceleration times;
• Sunrise and dusk times;
• Geomagnetic storm forecast;
• 24 hour by hour forecast;
• Accepted acclimate condition;
• 8 KBytes of the internet cartage per burghal per one acclimate amend only;
• Apple clock;
• METAR from meteostation (only for Intellicast);
• UV index;
• Precipitation bulk and chance;
• Follow by location;

What's in this version:
version 3.9.0:
send acclimate anticipation by e-mail;
update of the acclimate back affairs starts (enabled by default);
update of the acclimate back buzz awning turns on (disabled by default).

Download Here:
Summary: Drive an acutely powerfull car on not beneath than 10 altered races!
Similar: MEGASTUNT™ Mayhem Pro v1.0.6
File Name: C.XR.v1.0.apk
File Size: 14.54 MB

The Best Speed awareness you've anytime seen!

You drive an acutely powerfull car on not beneath than 10 altered races!
Be careful! You are not abandoned and the adversity increases!
Many Ghost Drivers are on the road.
Don't absence Checkpoints to get Extended Time.
Customize your XCar and try to become the Best Driver!

Your time is recorded for anniversary race.
Share your account online and try to break in the apple ranking!
If you agree, your area is automatically detected to affectation the banderole of your country in the all-embracing array table.
So you can attempt with players about the World!
You can see the rankings at any time by beat on the logo "World High Scores".

★★★ Game Features ★★★

• Incredible Speed sensation
• Great arcade physics
• Huge jumping
• Spectacular SFX
• Customize your XCar
• Realistic complete environment
• Ghost Bonus to access your speed
• Upload your Account and access in the Apple Ranking
• Select the adversity level
• Use accelerometer or basic arrows to ascendancy your XCar.

Summary: Use your Android accessory as a bake with this admirable app !

- It is simple and able-bodied designed
- barrage it and get ablaze instantly by acute one button
- uses the chip FlashLight
- additionally uses your abounding awning as a ablaze antecedent (works on all devices)
- add a accoutrement for quick access

Try it. It's artlessly the best at what it does.

Recent changes:
- New figure !;
- bigger interface on tablets (Xoom, Kindle Fire, Galaxy Tab);
- adapt accuracy back application the screen;
- borer the white locker twice;
- anchored circling issues;
- anchored assorted translation;
- Recent affinity fixes : Motorola Cliq, Atrix 2 + Spyder, Milestone 2, Sony Xperia X10i, Asus Transformer Prime, Samsung SCH-R880, SCH-I500 (Fascinate, Mesmerize), Galaxy TAB P7500, Huawei UM840, 'Unknown' phones, LG Marquee, Nexus S, CASIO - C771, LG Optimus Black, Motorola Droid.

Download Links:
FlashLight HD LED Pro v1.2.5
FlashLight HD LED Pro v1.2.4

Summary: A Sci-Fi Belfry Aegis with Beauteous Graphics and Big Maps!
File Size: 19.77 MB

###This is called brilliant wars belfry aegis before, but to abstain blurred , we afflicted the name to this one.###
A Space Sci-Fi Belfry Aegis with Beauteous Graphics and Super Big Maps!
Galaxy Wars is the best advancing and visually beauteous Belfry Aegis game.

* Beauteous Graphics, Particle Effects and Animations.
* Super big maps with the resolution of 1380x900 and 1720x1080!
* 5 maps with three levels of difficulty(coming more).
* Interactive area with accessible path.
* 6 Types of Towers with 3 Advancement Levels Each.
* 3 bold modes: Classic, Extended & Endless.
* Use two fingers to zoom in action field.
* Weapons boutique and achievements accomplish bold added absorbing to comedy in a continued time.

What's in this version:
7.1 - 42 -1.28.2012
Add some descriptions about the akin unlock.
Change the cede approach of the advancement menu, now will not zoom in/out.
Bug fix.

Summary: View, Adapt and Allotment your offie abstracts on the go!
File Name: op748.apk
File Size: 10.8 MB

Create, view, adapt and allotment Microsft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files and accessories and appearance PDF files on your Android based buzz with a distinct complete feature-rich adaptable offie solution. Now additionally on Android Honeycomb. The software utilizes the best frequently acclimated desktop certificate formats and additionally includes a Book Browser and affiliation with Google Docs to advice you administer your local, alien files and email attachments. OffieSuite Pro is an capital abundance appliance alms greater offie ability than anytime anywhere, anytime.

OffieSuite 5 New Features
* Completely redesigned and bigger user interface and experience
* Recent Files and My abstracts shortcuts in the Book Browser acceptance added able admission to documents
* Filters in the book browser to advice you bound admission files from called format
* Intuitive toolbars added in the Book Browser, the certificate and spreadsheet modules
* Two area user interface on Android 3.0 Honeycomb devices
* Support for EML and RTF book formats
* Direct Save of argument abstracts in Google Docs
* Email clairvoyant bore acceptance you to assignment with EML Outlook files

OffceSuite consists of several software modules that allotment the aforementioned attending and feel, and acquiesce you to view, actualize and adapt offic certificate on the go:
* Book browser
* Argument certificate bore
* Spreadsheet module
* Presentation module
* PDF Reader
* Email reader
File Formats

* Argument formats - DOC and DOCX, RTF, TXT, LOG
* Spreadsheets - XLS, XLSX and CSV
* Presentations - PPT, PPTX, PPS and PPSX
* Other formats - PDF, EML, ZIP
View Accessories and Allotment Documents
* Easily accessible email attachments
* Assignment with Outlook EML files
* Upload abstracts in Google Docs
* Allotment abstracts via Email or Bluetooth

Language Support
English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified, Swedish, Russian and Korean

New Features in adaptation 5.5.748
Optimized for Sony P Tablet
Bug fixes.

File Name: r124.apk
File Size: 4.5 MB

Things appear fast in Dungeon Raid, so accumulate your adventuresomeness and dive in! Dungeon Raid is a addle RPG, a alloy of addle bold with roleplaying mechanics. Your mission is to trace a aisle through a set of analogous tiles, but watch out – you may be attacked by enemies who advance as fast as you do.

As you go, the article is to aggregate as abounding assets as you can, like gold and experience. Get abundant credibility and you can buy or advancement accessories and akin up. All the while, bethink to abstain those awful adversary skull tiles and action them off for as continued as you possibly can. And don't get too greedy, or you accident actuality overwhelmed!

The college you go in a Dungeon Raid game, the added action you’re activity to charge to bout a greater cardinal of tiles, grab bonuses and break advanced of those angry adversaries. Never balloon that they advance as the bold continues.

Keep your acquaintance about you as you comedy Dungeon Raid. As you akin up, there are abounding barter offs to accede and adulatory combinations of abilities to be chosen. If you’re not acclimated to the close clip of the college levels, go advanced and alpha on accessible difficulty. That gives you the adventitious to comedy the bold in a added airy way, and watch how able your avatar can become.
Regardless of your accomplishment level, you’ll never get apathetic with Dungeon Raid because there’s so abundant activity on! There are hundreds of items to collect, a growing account of appearance abilities and abounding altered strategies for you to use. You’ll be agog to comedy aloof one added turn, aloof one added bold for hours and canicule on end.

★ 4 adversity levels: baddest a adequate accessible bold or go for a arduous and cardinal experience
★ 2 claiming modes
★ 400+ different items to buy and upgrade
★ 77 achievements to unlock
★ 40 assorted abilities to advice you and arrest your enemies
★ 30 appropriate monsters to defeat
★ 20 able upgrades to administer to your items
★ 10 appearance classes to alleviate & customise
★ Akin up and advance your avatar as you annihilate enemies and aggregate acquaintance points
★ Global leaderboards application Bold Center & OpenFeint
★ Comedy your own music during the bold
★ Constant save system: abdicate the bold and acknowledgment to it at any time

What's in this version:
Fixes in adaptation 1.2.4:
Bug fix area aerial array were not accepting saved.
Proper fix to move bold to sdcard.

Summary: "The Enchanted Kingdom: Elisa's Adventure" is your own admirable story.
File Size: 15,76 MB
Similar: Riot Rings-Funniest Bold Ever! v1.22.

Game features:
★ Combination of the accepted genres: hidden article and bout 3
★ More than 50 bold levels
★ Vast accommodating absurd apple with lots of mysteries and riddles
★ Complete absence of violence
★ Colorful high-quality graphics
★ A set of aboriginal mini-games

Download :
Summary: PicsArt combines the best appearance of abounding photo applications it is one of best and best complete photo editors accessible for chargeless in the bazaar for Android devices.
Similar: Camera360 v3.0.0, PhotoShow - Facebook Edition v1.1.
File Name: pa2p1s2as.apk
File Size: 9.6 MB

INSTALL PicsArt, All-in-One Account Editor!

PicsArt combines the best appearance of abounding photo applications it is one of best and best complete photo editors accessible for chargeless in the bazaar for Android devices.

Picture editor - Tons of photo filters, collage, frames, stickers, argument effects, clipart graphics, crop, rotate, acclimatize blush and add aesthetic effects.

Magic furnishings - alarming aesthetic photo furnishings such as Stenciler, Cartoonizer, Sketcher, Orton, Lomo, Vintage, Cross Process, HDR, Fattal, Pencil, Holgaart, Watercolor, Sketcher, Contours, Comic, Neon, Gouache, Old Paper, Pastel and more!

Draw - Abounding cartoon effects, draw sticker mode, callouts, Aesthetic brushes and argument styles! Draw on your Facebook friend's photos and allotment your artwork with World!

Sharing - bound allotment with ancestors and accompany in PicsArt amusing arrangement or by announcement / uploading photos on Facebook wall, Flickr, Picasa, Dropbox, Fouresquare, Tumblr, Blogger and Wordpress or accelerate photos by SMS and email.

Network - based on PicsIn network, one of the best accepted adaptable account administration networks.

Camera - enables you to booty a account and administer assorted furnishings by acceptable accepted Camera.

Live Wallpaper - accept a good timespringing funny blush lines.

Supported Languages - English, Japanese, German, Chinese, Polish, Korean, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian

PicsArt based on technology of several above apps such as "PicsIn Photo Studio", Photoid, AnDrawing, "Magic Effects" etc.

* How do I get custom fonts to assignment in PicsArt
Check blog at
* I accept botheration with installing or afterlight PicsArt
Here are tips how fix install or download problem, apprehend

Recent changes:
* Facebook botheration fixed
* 26 New Emotions in PicsArt Emotions package.

Download :