Get the latest android apps for your mobile. Push Ups Pro v3.02
Requirements for Push Ups Pro v3.02: Android 1.6+
Overview of Push Ups Pro v3.02: This is a real personal fitness trainer. This is a cool body builder. Push ups not only helps counting the number of push-ups you do, but also calculates the calorie you lose during every excise and makes the training plan based on your daily training and body status.

Push Ups! Train with your Device!

Tip: Since Android OS limitation, please install on your Phone instead of SD card if need notification work normal after restart phone.

Push Ups! Train with your Device! Your personal trainer for f  ee.

The best Push up app is coming with its unique design and powerful function.

This is a real personal fitness trainer. This is a cool body builder. Push ups not only helps counting the number of push-ups you do, but also calculates the calorie you lose during every excise and makes the training plan based on your daily training and body status.

In training mode, the app will make a reasonable training plan based on your age and body status. The plan will be divided in to six levels with each level containing several groups of push ups. Training plan for next group or level will be based on your current training result. In each new level the app will re-evaluate your body status to make sure the plan is customized.

You can not only count the push ups using proximity sensor but also enter the training data manually.

Check out how this app helps you build up your body through doing push up. It will not disappoint you.


 Proximity Sensor Counting
 Touch Screen Counting
 Enter training data manually
 Graphs and Statistics
 Training mode
 Freestyle Mode

What's in this version:

 +10 -10, +50 -50 buttons are back, you can adjust the result easily.
 After you finish all courses, daily plan will still add slowly according to your feedback.
 New language: French. Special thanks Alex.
 Fix grammar mistakes for Russian language, Special thanks to Anton.

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Get the latest android apps for your mobile. Ultimate custom clock (UCCW) v2.1.5
Requirements for Ultimate custom clock (UCCW) v2.1.5: Android 2.1+
Overview of Ultimate custom clock (UCCW) v2.1.5: Your clock, your layout, your fonts, your skins. The ultimate tool for clocks.

Make your clock and more - the easy way.
For skins visit website. Real fun is on there.

Clock not updating is an issue with the stock MIUI v4 launcher. Its not apps fault. Use different launcher.
"This is the type of app that designers tend to flock to, as it gives them an outlet to share their styles and influences through tons of Android devices. " - Droid-life
"UCCW is an app that will allow you to create a custom clock in minutes, thus satisfying your OCD’s every whim regarding aesthetics" - xda-developers
"Ultimate custom clock app is very flexible and easy to use" -
"UCCW(Ultimate Custom Clock Widget), is the hottest new application for creating homescreen widgets for time, date, weather, and many more informative items in almost any configuration your brain can conjure up." -
" For people with OCD, this App just perfect - for all others it is very bold and very useful." -

UCCW features a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor. The features are:

0) No hassle with xml. Simple editor.
1) Set fonts from sd-card. Fonts should be in sdcard/fonts folder.
2) Set custom backgrounds made in photoshop, gimp or paint from gallery or file browsers.
3) Set custom clock hands made in photoshop, gimp or paint.
4) Set how you want the members (day of the month, month, year, day of the week, hour, minute, etc) to appear in the clock.
5) use shapes.
5a) Interesting options like series clock, battery bar and battery circle.
6) weather info from google weather api. 
7) Different weather images during night.
complex members like week bar and battery bar with two modes - solid and barcode..
8a) Notification of missed calls and text messages.
9) Export your designs for easy sharing.
10) Import skins.
11) Widgets adjust irrespective of screen size. Simply resize widgets to your preferred size.
12) configure app to open alarm upon touching widget. When app is configured so, UCCW editor can be opened from the launcher to enable edit mode.
For instructions Watch video.
Get skins from website. Post your beautiful creations on website link - lets others enjoy your work.

Kindly exclude app in task killers

Permissions explanation:

write external storage - to export skins
accsess network state - for weather data
read contacts - for missed calls 
read sms - for text messages

What's in this version:
version 2.1.5

- Support for Google play (apk) skins. Search for 'uccw skins' in Google play.
Apk skins appear when adding widget to homescreen. Tap selects the skin and long press uninstalls the skin.
- version 2.1.5
some bugs removed and some graphics changed.

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Get the latest android apps for your mobile. STL View 3D v3.8
Requirements for STL View 3D v3.8: Android 2.2+
Overview of STL View 3D v3.8: This is a great 3D solid model STL file viewer. Even you are using ProEngineer, CATIA, SolidWorks or AutoCAD, you can easily convert your 3D model to STL format and use the App to view it. This way, you can show your model anywhere you want, no matter you are at home or traveling abroad.

3D STL Viewer

This is a great 3D solid model STL file viewer. Even you are using ProEngineer, CATIA, SolidWorks or AutoCAD, you can easily convert your 3D model to STL format and use the App to view it. This way, you can show your model anywhere you want, no matter you are at home or traveling abroad.

STL is one of the most popular 3D data file formats. It is a de facto industry standard for transferring models between 3D programs. The file format is open and has been adopted by many 3D graphics application vendors.

The App provides many 3D features including rotating model with finger movement, zooming in/out, changing color, etc. It is so easy to control it. You will love the way your model looks.

The app accepts STL files in both ASCII and binary format. 3D model files can be added to the app's external storage folder called 'afanche'. Just connect your phone with a PC and copy stl files to the 'afanche' folder of the phone. After that, you can use the app to load the models you saved in the directory. You can also use the app to open stl files from email(attachment) or web (by downloading). If you don't need some of the models anymore, you can use the app to delete them. If you need to share your model with your partners, you can use the in-app email feature to send your model out as email attachment.

The app is part of ATView3D 3D visualization tool family developed by Afanche Technoologies. If you need Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows app for other 3D file formats, please search 'Afanche' to find more 3D oriented apps. Afanche Technologies is a company specialized in 3D technologies. Afanche provides customized 3D programming solutions for mobile, web and desktop. For more info, please contact us. Our email address is

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Get the latest android apps for your mobile. Webkey (ROOT REQUIRED) 2.07
Current Version of Webkey (ROOT REQUIRED) 2.07: 2.07
Requires for Webkey (ROOT REQUIRED) 2.07: 1.5 and up
Category: Tools
Size: 3.1M
What’s in this version:

Webkey 2.07:

- fixed autostart
- fix for remotescreen long click issue
- increased jpeg quality from 40% to 70%
- Turkish language
- on some ICS devices fixed touch/keyboard inject

Webkey 2.06:
User management fixes, ICS, JellyBean touch fixes, support unicode characters
Webkey 2.05:
Bugfixes, mostly for 4.1. Added Dutch and Russian translations.
Webkey 2.04:
Lots of bugfixes. Faster screenshot.
Webkey 2.03:
added languages, fixes. ICS is far from perfect, but it’s better


You can control your phone from any browser: type, click, GPS, screenshot, etc.

Using this program you can control your phone from any browser:

click and type on phone,
control one phone from another,
get, save screenshots,
download, upload files,
get GPS location,
read and write SMS,
export contacts, messages, call list,
notify SMS, calls,
terminal emulator,
SSL support for direct connections – this product includes cryptographic software written by Eric Young (,
3G support though

It’s opensource.

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Get the latest android apps for your mobile. BSPlayer v1.5.135 + CPU support package (All Devices)
Requirements for BSPlayer v1.5.135 + CPU support package (All Devices): Android 2.1+
Overview of BSPlayer v1.5.135 + CPU support package (All Devices): This is the full, ad-free version of BSPlayer with additional functionality.

BSPlayer is the best media player  for Android smartphones and tablet PCs), supporting hardware accelerated video decoding.

Main features:

- No advertisements
- Audio pre-amplification
- Hardware accelerated video playback - significantly increases playback speed and reduces battery consumption*
- Support for almost all media files (video and audio player), such as: avi, divx, flv, mkv, mov, mpg, mts, mp4, m4v, rmvb, wmv, 3gp, mp3... and streaming content such as RTMP, RTSP, MMS (tcp, http), HTTP Live stream, HTTP.
- aspect-ratio adjustements and zoom
- Multiple audio streams and subtitles.
- supports gestures for Seek, Jump, Brightness and Volume control
- Playlist support and various playback modes.
- support for audio headsets
- External and embedded subtitles ssa/ass, srt, sub...
- Automatic subtitle search (mobile or wi-fi connection must be enabled to work)
- Playback media files such as videos and mp3's directly via Wi-Fi from your LAN shared drives/folders (such as external USB drives, SMB shares, PC shared folders, NAS servers (Synology and others)) - no need to convert video files and copy media files to SD card anymore! 
- Playback files directly from uncompressed RAR files and much more!

This package includes support for ARMv7 with VFP and NEON. For other CPU types please download appropriate package. Application will notify you which package you need.

NOTE: When reporting error please add info about your smartphone brand and model. Also you can send us more detailed bug report on e-mail We are trying to improve the player for the users and your feedback is appreciated.

This software uses code of FFmpeg licensed under the LGPLv2.1 and its source can be downloaded from BSPlayer website.

Dedicated forum for can be found here .

Hardware acceleration support depends on device video decoder capability. Hardware accelerated playback in portrait mode may be corrupted on some HTC models (hardware issue). Also on some devices (Samsung galaxy S2) zoom/stretch may not work on all videos.

What's in this version:

- % in passwords in LAN mode
- adding more than 20 files caused crash
- when unsupported subs decoding is detected it will automatically switch to default encoding
- Open URL will now open playlists (m3u,pls)
- opening playlist from browser
- display of playback speed


- option to remember audio offset and increased range to 3s
- playback speed display is now updated when switching from pop up window
- media scanner will ignore .nomedia
- support for .txt subs
- bug reporting

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Get the latest android apps for your mobile. BusyBox Pro v9.6.4
Requirements for BusyBox Pro v9.6.4: Android version 2.1 and higher
Overview of BusyBox Pro v9.6.4: The fastest, most trusted, and most popular BusyBox installer and uninstaller! Over 2 million installs! Winner of best Utility Software award for Android via Handster. This is the ONLY Installer on the market that will allow you to remove Busybox (If supported on your phone) AND the only open sourced installer!

A must have for any rooted phone! Almost EVERY rooted applications needs BusyBox to perform their magic, if you have a rooted phone then you need BusyBox.

Pro version contains no ads or nag screens, uninstall feature, custom tune feature, the ability to hand pick the applets you want, safety check for missing applets on start, and better overall support. The pro version will receive more frequent updates than the free version will.

This installer has the smallest Busybox binaries available, right around 700kb unlike the other installers which are over a meg. Also this installer does not require you to download anything extra like other installers do and thus works much faster.

Please note I did not write BusyBox! I wrote this installer, cross compiled BusyBox for Android. Please see the about menu option for more details or here:

BusyBox is a software application that provides many standard Unix tools, much like the larger (but more capable) GNU Core Utilities. BusyBox is designed to be a small executable for use with the Linux kernel, which makes it ideal for use with embedded devices. It has been self-dubbed "The Swiss Army Knife of Embedded Linux".

This version includes 1.19.4, 1.19.3, 1.19.2, 1.18.4, and 1.18.5 no need to have more than that because it takes up space on your phone and each newer version will still contain the older features, unless I forgot to compile them in.

Leave this installed if you always want to get the latest version of busybox!

tags: busybox, utility, terminal, emulator, root, stericson, adb, toolbox, rom, unlock, jailbreak, root, linux, unix, shell, script, tools, android, installer, busybox installer, (Confirmed Amazon)

What's in this version:
Upgraded root library to newest version. Increased waiting time for root access to be granted to the application.

Direct Download

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Get the latest android apps for your mobile. NotifierPro Plus v6.0
Requirements for NotifierPro Plus v6.0: Android version 2.1 and up
Overview of NotifierPro Plus v6.0: NotifierPro displays your notifications with a modern style. NotifierPro greatly improves the way your phone displays notifications.


For more information and a detailled FAQ, go to

If you have any question or suggestion, please contact us.


To work properly, NotifierPro requires that you activate the accessibility service « NotifierPro Service » (accessibility services are currently the only way to process notifications on Android systems)
- After installing, click « Open »
- Click « Activate service »
- If it’s not checked, check « Accessibility »
- Check « NotifierPro Service »
- Confirm

Your notifications will now be displayed.


Once you have activated the service and configured the app, your notifications will show up on your screen :
- Click the notification to launch it
- Swipe to the right to dismiss it
- Swipe to the left to clear all upcoming notifications

Note that dismissing the notification won’t remove it from the status bar (Android system doesn’t allow to manually remove notifications from the status bar)

If you use a custom lockscreen app such as <b>MagicLocker</b> or <b>WidgetLocker</b>, the notifications will show <b>above your lockscreen</b>.


With the full version of NotifierPro :
- You can <b>choose the position of the notification</b>
- You can <b>choose the duration of the notification</b>, and make it <b>permanent</b>
- You can choose to <b>animate the notifications</b>
- You have access to <b>6 exclusives themes</b>


To receive notifications from an app, check it in the « Monitoring » section of the preferences.

Here are some examples of apps to check :

- Missed calls : Will show « Missed call from [caller] »
- Messaging apps (GO SMS, Handsent SMS, Trillian, Facebook Chat, Google Talk, …) : Will show a toast with the ID of the sender and the content of the message
- Facebook
- Twitter
- GMail
- K-9 Mail : Will show the ID of the sender and the subject of the mail
- Status bar : Will show toasts such as « USB connected », « Battery low » or « Battery fully charged »
- Market : Will show toasts such as « New updates available » or « Download finished »
- Calendar
- Dropbox
- Email

Apps used on the screenshots :

- LauncherPro
- MagicLocker with Typophone theme

NotifierPro 6.0 :

- New default theme based on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean
- New "Overlay mode" option for persistent lockscreens
- New "Keep on lockscreen" option to choose if banners should timeout or not when on the lockscreen
- New layout
- New reminder system
- Bug fixes
- The tablet version of the app is now available on Google Play

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Get the latest android apps for your mobile. ROM Manager Premium v5.0.2.1
Requirements for ROM Manager Premium v5.0.2.1: Android 1.0 and up
Overview of ROM Manager Premium v5.0.2.1: Must have app for any root user. Make backups, flash ROMs, and own your device.
ROM Manager is THE MUST HAVE APP for any Android root user. (Over 3 million downloads and counting!)

Flash your recovery to the latest and greatest ClockworkMod recovery.
Manage your ROMs via a handy UI.
Organize and perform backups and restores from within Android!
Install ROMs from your SD card.
Install your favorite ROMs over the air!

Premium Version:

 Premium ROMs
 Receive notifications for when your ROM is updated!
 Automatic backups
 Install from QR Code
 Web Connect

What's in this version: Possible fix for failed download cancels. Use CyanogenMod's addon.d plugin to restore ROM Manager.

Direct Download

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Get the latest android apps for your mobile. Night Vision Camera v1.1.5
Requirements: Android 2.2 or higher
Overview: This application maximizes your device camera in the dark! Automatic adjustment of image parts to improve visibility in low light conditions. 

Check out our latest release the Cartoon Camera! It's one of the coolest FREE Android apps out there. You can create cool cartoon style images with it and the effect is shown in realtime! 

 Adjustable light sensitivity 
 Save images by a single button press 
 Control camera flash to maximize visibility 
 Supports front camera if available (requires Android 2.3+) 
 Can be used to create cool photos in well lighted situations also, try adjusting the light sensitivity! 

Known issues: 

 Image orientation is incorrect on some tablets 

Disclaimer: Because phone cameras don't involve usage of infrared, final quality of night vision is determined by your phones camera. This app takes all out of it, so it's up to the device how well you can see in the dark. You can always use this app just for creating cool looking photos. 

Automated translation: 

Recent changes: 
1.1.5: Saved images are now orientated properly. 
1.1.4: Fixed front camera not working on many ICS devices. 

Direct Download

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Get the latest android apps for your mobile. GMD GestureControl ★ root 4.2.0Current Version: 4.2.0
Requires for GMD GestureControl  root v4.2.0.1 and up
Category of GMD GestureControl ★ root v4.2.0: Tools
Size of GMD GestureControl ★ root v4.2.0: 1.5M

What’s in this version:
 Updated gestures engine for easy execution.
 Removed vibration by default from starting zones.
 Added keyboard detection.
 Added ’tap’ gestures.
 Added default Alt-Tab gesture.
 Updated singletouch gestures.
 Improved gestures recognition.
 Improved border calibration.
 Improved gestures collision solving.
 Added new devices.

Control tablet with MULTITOUCH gestures like iPad. Hide status bar, full screen.

Control device with MULTITOUCH and MULTITASK gestures similar to iPad. Works in all applications. You can even hide status bar and enjoy full screen in your favorite games or while browsing.

 Try Lite version before you buy
 Requires root access
 USB Debuging must be enabled in Android setting

 Multitask – start any application, shortcut or custom action without leaving current application
 Custom actions – LaunchPad, Start application, Previous Application, Next application, Home, Kill current application, Back, Forward, Recent application list, Recent application dialog, Menu, Notification Panel, Hide/Show status bar, Start launcher shorcut(bookmark, contacts, settings, etc), Start Tasker task, Pause gestures, Exit, Screen Off (lock), Alt+Tab, Music Play/Next/Previous, Volume, Search, Voice Search, Select Input Method.
 Swipe 4 fingers right – open previous application
 Swipe 4 fingers left – open next application
 Expand 4 fingers – LaunchPad (similar to SwypePad, start any application, shortcut or custom action)
 Pinch 4 fingers – Home gesture
 Swipe 3 fingers down – Back gesture
 Swipe 3 fingers up – Bottom recent applications bar
 Swipe 4 fingers up – Hide/Show status bar (experimental)
 Custom gestures – create your own gestures to start any application, shortcut or custom action

Please don’t post your problems in market, email me or go post to XDA, thanks:

If your device is listed as unsupported, please try default parsers:
1) Start application
2) Open Advanced tab
3) Is multitouch device detected properly? If not, enable ’Override multitouch device detection’ and select your multitouch device.
4) Enable ’Override touch events parser detection’. Select HC_DEFAULT. Click ’Restart service’, wait a few seconds, try if it is working.
5) If it is not working with HC_DEFAULT, try ICS_DEFAULT. Don’t forget to restart service again.
6) If you make it work, please go to Help tab, click List devices and send me screenshot. Tell me that it is working with these settings. I will update application so it is detected properly in next version.
7) If it still do not work, contact me by email:

Known issues:
- On ICS hiding bar will reset your wallpaper to default.
Live wallpapers don’t have issues. You can use “simple image wallpaper” from market to solve this problem.
- On ICS hidden bar might reapear on some ROMs
- There is no issues on Honeycomb.

Description: This application allows you to control tablet with gestures.
Swipe 4 fingers up to hide status bar. Do same gesture again to restore bar.
Swipe 4 fingers right to open previous application.
Swipe 4 fingers left to open next application.
Pinch with 4 fingers anywhere on screen to return to home screen from any application.
Swipe 3 fingers down to execute back action in any application.
Swipe 3 fingers up to show custom bottom bar with recent applications.
Expand 4 fingers anywhere on screen to open LaunchPad dialog. It is similar to SwypePad and allows start your most often used applications, shortcuts or custom actions anywhere anytime with simple gesture.
Works in all applications, games and browsers.
Application will use freed space when you hide status bar. Some games even work better with status bar hidden.
There is an option to switch to single touch gestures if its more convenient. You can even create your own gestures for any action.

Full version adds following features: option to hide notification icon, custom gestures and special actions, any number of actions in LaunchPad.

Direct Download

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Get the latest android apps for your mobile. DXHome v3.3.2
Requirements for DXHome v3.3.2: 2.1+
Overview of DXHome v3.3.2: DXHome, a highly customized home replacement app., is a perfect home company with Android phones.

It is created by the Dianxinos Enterpriser team in Innovation Works invested by Dr. Kaifu Lee. Highly customizable with various themes, colorful desktop transitions, easy operating,just like its name in Chinese, Dianxin is making the home of your Android phone colorful and enjoyable!

What could you get from DXHome?

1)So many themes to enjoy!
Want your phone to change with your mood?! Try themes we designed for you!
DXHome presents its first six themes of totally different styles!

NO.1 Dianxin Default Desktop Theme- it is peaceful, clear, warm. All the nice feelings DXHome wants you to feel. Name it by yourself. It’s our gift
NO.2 Midsummer Theme- get fidgety from the hate outside? Pick some cool and fresh air here!
NO.3 Cake Theme- are you a foody? How about some candy and cakes now. Try it and tell us how it’s like? DXHome is “cooking” more and more for you if you like~
NO.4 Batman— a big Batman fan? Here he comes! COOL!
NO.5 Clothing— want your phone to be cute? DXHome makes suit for your icon! Try it on!
NO.6 Tree & Shadow— at the end, come and sit down beside the tree, just enjoy the peaceful nightfall now.
Not enough? Download the one you want from Internet! This the privilege Dianxin provides specially for you! With DXHome, you could always make your phone to be YOUR STYLE! Yeah, phone might be changed overtime, but your style could last forever with DXHome!

2)What is it like when you swipe your desktop screens?
Here DXHome provides you extremely smooth experience and its first series of desktop transitions! Just swipe! You will be surprised!

3)App. Drawer-Long press any icon in App Drawer, add to Home screen or delete it. Yeah, Soooo easy!

4)Screens Editor-add, delete or remove any icon, create or edit any shortcuts to apps? It’s YOUR choice now!

By the way, don’t forget to add the weather widget designed by sweet Dianxin, both beautiful and useful!! That’s true!

5) Folder-can’t be any easier to create a new folder, just put two icons together. DXHome will create a folder automatically as you want!

Direct Download

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Get the latest android apps for your mobile. Craigslist Mobile Pro v1.45
Requirements for Craigslist Mobile Pro v1.45: Android 2.1+
Overview of Craigslist Mobile Pro v1.45: Searching with photo preview and Posting to Craigslist from your Android Phone. Craigslist Mobile Pro provides a simple and intuitive interface, but an extensive set of features to search, post, browser and reply on

Searching with photo preview and Posting to Craigslist from your Android Phone.
Craigslist Mobile Pro provides a simple and intuitive interface, but an extensive set of features to search, post, browser and reply on

What will you find inside?

 Ads-banner free with this Pro version of most popular Craigslist Mobile app for Android.
 The only Android App that allows you to search and post an ads directly from your phone!!
 Sophisticated mobilizer algorithm to make the Craigslist webpage fit in the phone screen nicely.
 Posting ads directly from your Android Phone.
 Posting with or without an account.
 Browsing and searching the
 Quick preview of the posts along with thumbnail of the photos.
 Support all major countries and states.
 Email the post to friends or yourself.
 Contact the poster via email or phone call.
 Battery life friendly! No background service to drain your phone's battery.
 Save the post to favorite. And more!

Direct Download

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Get the latest android apps for your mobile. Spirit FM Radio Unlocked Sep24
Spirit FM Radio Unlocked is a real, tuned, "over the air" FM radio app with RDS (song info etc.) and other advanced features. It is NOT a streaming app that requires expensive data service.
Spirit FM Light provides fewer features for a lower price:
Compatibility list:
Spirit was initially targetted at custom ROMs such as CyanogenMod, on which FM app availability is limited.
If you don't know what a "ROM" is, then your phone is likely "Stock" and un-rooted.
Support for stock, un-rooted devices is now present, but limited, and various bugs are being worked on.
If your stock phone has a working, stock FM app you are happy with, then Spirit may be of little use to you at present.
If your stock phone does not have a working, stock FM app, then FM is likely impossible, except Bionic, Droid 2 & 3, Defy.
Some phones will never work and nobody can make them work because the hardware is disabled. This includes Atrix, Nexus S, US Galaxy S2's, Galaxy Tab, Droid (1)/Milestone, P999 G2x, Galaxy Spica.

How many other "Real FM" apps are on the Market ? Two: 1 for Galaxy S only and one repackaged Motorola app.
Why ? It's extremely difficult. Google does not support FM apps. They and the carriers seem to dislike free "Over The Air" FM.

Light & Unlocked include:

 Lifetime technical support for as many devices as you own & questions you have.
 Stereo, Mono & alternative settings.
 Mute & Speaker support.
 6 nameable presets.
 Status Bar & Notification window.
 Sleep function, Test functions, Email Logs, UI settings & RSSI graphic.
 And many more Light & Unlocked exclusive features to come !

Unlocked adds:

 Enhanced technical support and attention to feature requests.
 RDS song info etc: RT, PS, PTY, PI & AF (RadioText, Program Service, Type, ID & Alternate Frequency).
 Unlimited Preset lists & nameable presets.
 Landscape mode, forced or automatic.
 Media button & CM lockscreen support for mute, volume & frequency.
 All UI settings, including antenna & station ID.
 And many more Unlocked exclusive features to come !

This is not a throwaway game app you play for a few days. How many hours will you spend listening to FM in the next 20+ years ?

How much can you save on data plans by listening to free, over the air radio versus streaming ?
Re: CNet article "We're not paying enough for apps":
Spirit is not a one time purchase. It's ongoing technical assistance, fixes, new device support & features.
I'm one developer and Spirit is my only app and income. I'm trying to do a job Google said they couldn't for lack of developer resources. 

Your support will help keep Spirit FM alive and improving.
For further information, please see my app thread:
Thank you!

What's in this version:

 CM9/10/AOSP support for AT&T/HTC OneXL, OneS, Evo 4G LTE.
 Galaxy S/S2/S3/Note audio & FM driver updates.
 HTC OneX support.
 Support for preset name in Notification window, next to frequency.
 New Audio->Method's "qsd8250 Plus/ICS", "msm7x30 AscendII", "ZTE Blade2".
 Support for preset name in Notification window, next to frequency.
 RDS PS & RT in Notifications Screen. Settings -> Notification Display.
 RDS West European characters.

Direct Download

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Get the latest android apps for your mobile. Viber : Free Calls & Messages v2.2.3.109
Requirements for Viber : Free Calls & Messages v2.2.3.109: Android 2.0+
Overview of Viber : Free Calls & Messages v2.2.3.109: Viber - Be Free to Communicate. Call and text anyone, anywhere.

Viber lets everyone in the world connect. Freely. More than 90 million Viber users call, text, and send
photos worldwide - for free.
Viber is available for Android devices and other smartphones. We are always introducing new features,
platforms and possibilities.
Viber is completely free with no advertising and we value your privacy.

New in Viber 2.2: you can now send free messages to groups of friends. Share photos, links and invite
more friends to join.

We are hard at work to support Jelly Bean (Android 4.1).


Best Sound Quality
100% Free
Simple to Use
Always On
Ad Free
much more coming soon.

Network data charges may apply

What's in this version:

 Crash popup issue fixed
 More bug fixes and improvements
Also including the new features from v2.2:
 Group Messaging: you can now send free messages to groups of friends.
 Assign a custom background to conversation.
 Photos were added to the Contacts list. And more.

Direct Download

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Get the latest android apps for your mobile. Send! Pro | File Transfer(NFC) v1.4.1
Requirements for Send! Pro | File Transfer(NFC) v1.4.1: Android 2.2+
Overview of Send! Pro | File Transfer(NFC) v1.4.1: Finally an easy way to transfer photos, music, videos or any files you like to your friends and family! And it works without an Internet connection!

Finally an easy way to transfer photos, music, videos or any files you like to your friends and family! And it works without an Internet connection!
Special Promotion Price for Limited Time Only

FEATURES of Send! Pro | File Transfer(NFC):

 BEAM to Send! - Use NFC to pair & initiate transfer! (only for supported devices)
 Super easy to use! Zero setup required
 Send multiple photos, music, videos at once
 Send any files you like ★Send! Pro ONLY★
 Auto-detect fastest way to send - Bluetooth or Wifi
 No Internet required!
 Widget support
 Send straight from Gallery or other apps (Share)
 Fast pairing with QR code
 Auto-saved pairs list
 Easy access to received files
 Beautiful interface, even for old phones!

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Get the latest android apps for your mobile. Handy Album v3.5

Requirements for Handy Album v3.5: Android 2.2+
Overview of Handy Album v3.5: If you are looking for a photo retouching software, we recommend you to use PicSay Pro. 

If you are looking for a frame application, we recommend you to try PicFrame .

If you want to organize your scattered photos, text, handwriting, decorations and more into a nice electronic album, Handy Album can fulfill your needs more than you expected!

No matter the level of your photographical skills and whether or not you are familiar to photo software, Photo Album can turn your scattered photos into a professional electronic album in THREE MINUTES!

There are probably tons of photos in your Android phone & pad, each of pieces of photo can tell different stories, stories about the very first step of your baby, a wonderful picnic with your family, or a happy hang-out with your friends, a romantic time with your lover, a moment of family re-union event etc.

 Are you rather keep these lovely pictures in mess on your phone or you want to organize them into a beautify album?
 When you forgot a person`s name in a picture or where it was taken, Do You wish you to mark the photo with some special decoration to remind you later?

 Do you want to impress people with a nicely photo book or to leave scattered photos in your phone forever?

Handy Album can seize your special moment by promising to create a polished photo book in TWO STEPS!
Step one: Choose a photo book to fits your needs.
Step Two: Place your photo on template & THAT`S IT!!

Professional templates:

 Hundreds of art- design templates, covers and papers, colorful and interesting sticky papers, symbols are built-in and ready for use.
 Get started by choosing a photo book, where different templates are grouped into styles that match the photo book.
 filling your photo into templates—complete creating your photo book with impressive results.
Photo modification
 Dozens of filters variations, hundreds of combinations in one app.
 Handwritten, text input, photo insert, doodling are perfect unifies in together.
 Copy & delete, layer, view, lock/unlock, replace photo in seconds.
Text & Handwriting
 Magic Pen allows you to Write without stopping and feel like writing on a paper.
 24 sticker style backgrounds, 20 Text size, 12 color, numbering, bullet, align, etc.
Demonstration and & sharing
Sharing photo book to the world via Facebook, Email, MMS and wallpaper.
Back up photo or photo book via SD card, email and Drop box as PDF, JPEG

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Get the latest android apps for your mobile. QGetMobile v1.7.1
Requirements for QGetMobile v1.7.1: Android 2.2+
Overview of QGetMobile v1.7.1: Ever wanted to download a file on your mobile device, but it was too big? Have a QNAP NAS at home? QGetMobile is meant for you!

QGetMobile allows you to connect to your Download Station and manage your downloads. You will be able to add or remove files, but also check the speed or pause downloads.

Have several QNAP servers? Often connect to it from home or work ? QGetMobile handles connection to different NAS and can manage different connection profiles !

The included web browser will help you choose the file you wish to download with a single touch, and the smart search engine will allow you to look for any kind of file. New search engines can be added dynamically, so you will never miss your good old finder. Mininova is included by default!

Morever, the built-in RSS reader helps you keep track of your software updates. You will be able to add new RSS feeds to QGetMobile and be notified of new files to download. Afraid to open your Download Station access to the Internet? QGetMobile handles both HTTP and HTTPS, so it is completely secure! Of course, all of this is customizable, and the graphical interface has been polished for your greater pleasure.

Direct Download

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Get the latest android apps for your mobile. Dropsync v2.3.4 + Dropsync PRO Key v2.3.4
Requirements for Dropsync v2.3.4 + Dropsync PRO Key v2.3.4: Android 2.0+
Overview of Dropsync v2.3.4 + Dropsync PRO Key v2.3.4: Rock-solid, battery efficient, full two-way(!) sync client for Dropbox.

Keep your phone/tablet and your Dropbox in sync at all times. Rock-solid, battery efficient, full two-way(!) sync client for Dropbox.

"Just like the desktop version of Dropbox, Dropsync supports true two-way data synchronization." --New York Times

"Take a picture on your phone and watch as it’s already waiting for you on your laptop when you get home." --phandroid .com

"I bought 5 other apps like this one, but this is the only one that didn't crash while synchronizing my large Photo & Video folder" --One satisfied user

"Must have app. Now my phone - computer - tablet are one!" Another satisfied user


 Full two-way sync. Just like Dropbox on desktop
 Instant upload: new files (for example photos) are uploaded to Dropbox immediately, no need to wait for the next autosync cycle
 Very efficient, consumes almost no battery if there is no change detected and will not slow down your phone either
 Very easy to set up. Once set up files will be kept in sync without any effort from users
 Works reliably under ever changing network conditions on your phone
 Monitors battery level, WiFi/3G/4G/WiMax connectivity and adapts its behavior according to user preferences
 Configurable autosync interval: 15 minutes, 30 minutes, every hour,...
 Tasker/Locale plugin to allow power users to define sophisticated sync schedules and conditions
 Compact code size, memory efficient, no fancy graphics, no useless animation. We have enough bloatware. Do one thing and do it best

Beware that there are many apps out there on the Market which claim doing sync but in fact what they do is one-way upload or download.

Dropsync provides the essential feature, two-way sync, which should be in the official Dropbox for Android since the beginning. For whatever reason it wasn't and still isn't. Now you have it.

If you are a serious Dropbox user and want more flexibility, please consider upgrading to PRO version.


 Sync multiple folders
 Sync the whole Dropbox with a folder on your phone or tablet
 Upload files larger than 5 MB
 No ads, of course

We are proud of delivering great technical support, to all users, free and paying. If you run into any problem or have questions/suggestions, don't hesitate to contact us via email at You can do so from within the app itself, just go to Settings -> Support.

What's new in this version:
Version 2.3.4

 Fixed a weird crash on Nook devices
 Fix: instant upload does not work 100% on some devices
 Warn users about potential issues with trailing spaces in Dropbox folder names
 Couple of small robustness improvements

Direct Download

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Get the latest android apps for your mobile. SketchBook Pro v2.2.2

Requirements for SketchBook Pro v2.2.2: Android 3.0+

Overview of SketchBook Pro v2.2.2: Autodesk® SketchBook® Pro for Android is a professional-grade paint and drawing application for tablet devices.

For everyone who loves to draw - Autodesk SketchBook.
Autodesk® SketchBook® Pro for Android is a professional-grade paint and drawing application, optimized specifically for Honeycomb tablet devices.

Unleash your creativity, whether you are an occasional doodler or a professional illustrator. Using the same paint engine as its desktop counterparts, SketchBook Pro for Android delivers the powerful toolset and streamlined user interface that has become popular around the world. 

SketchBook Pro transforms your tablet into a powerful digital sketchbook.

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Get the latest android game for your mobile, iBlast Moki 2 v1.1.3
iBlast Moki is back with all-new puzzles in a colorful world of paint and bombs!
In this new adventure, the Mokis will use the help of new gameplay elements such as the paint bombs and more crazy contraptions to reach the magic spiral.


Explore 90 levels across 6 colorful worlds with more to come.
Each location is packed with unique levels, using realistic physics and lots of different items to manipulate such as paint bombs, ropes, rising balloons, rotating wheels
6 beautiful and unique music tracks


Build new levels with the advanced physics editor which was used to create the entire game
Only your imagination is the limit to what you can build, collect the many tools such as joints, motors, decoration, stickers and create some beautiful level with crazy contraptions
Share your levels online and enjoy the puzzles created by thousands of players


Unlock achievements, see how you stack up on global leaderboards, and play with friends!


Visit our website,, check out existing trailers, follow us on Twitter ( and leave comments on our forums

What's in this version : (Updated : Sep 28, 2012, 2012)

Higher resolution assets served to more devices
Stability improvements
Improved reachability for networking features
Fixed issue where graphics would freeze while gameplay continued when an Android OS window was opened
Fixed issue with editing level name field in level editor
Fixed music issue on resuming from pause

Required for iBlast Moki 2 v1.1.3: 2.3+

Direct Download

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Get the latest android game for your mobile, Duck Shooter v1.0

Requirements for Duck Shooter v1.0: 2.2+
Overview of Duck Shooter v1.0: For all the “Duck Hunt” NES and Nintendo fans and shoot em’ up players in general, you will enjoy this throwback of a tribute, Duck Shooter. Three different modes of play with Duck Shooter and Arcade Shoot r. Enjoy fast paced shooting of ducks, bonus crows and target ducks with three different weapons and three retro-inspired scenes.

Cool game! Reminds me of my childhood. Classic shooter.”

Wow, graphics are retro looking with a modern twist on ducks. A must buy!
Awesome game with easy to hard progression.
Art is amazing looking. Like all of the game modes!
A classic twist with bonus points and Arcade Shooter level. Way to go!

Duck Shooter Features:

3 modes of play- Duck Shooter pond and marsh scenes, and Arcade Shooter
3 weapons- shotgun, pistol, squirt gun
Shoot the ducks, finger is the weapon
Variety of ducks
Bonus points for black crows and target ducks
Happy hound dog flushes out ducks
Automatic ammo reload
Ducks fly erratically as levels progress
Endless game play, if you have the skills
Saved best score
Retro inspired graphics with a modern twist
Feel nostalgic, relive your childhood
Duck hunting inspired sound effects
Easy, challenging, and fun for all ages

Direct Download

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