Duck Shooter 1.0 apk

Get the latest android game for your mobile, Duck Shooter v1.0

Requirements for Duck Shooter v1.0: 2.2+
Overview of Duck Shooter v1.0: For all the “Duck Hunt” NES and Nintendo fans and shoot em’ up players in general, you will enjoy this throwback of a tribute, Duck Shooter. Three different modes of play with Duck Shooter and Arcade Shoot r. Enjoy fast paced shooting of ducks, bonus crows and target ducks with three different weapons and three retro-inspired scenes.

Cool game! Reminds me of my childhood. Classic shooter.”

Wow, graphics are retro looking with a modern twist on ducks. A must buy!
Awesome game with easy to hard progression.
Art is amazing looking. Like all of the game modes!
A classic twist with bonus points and Arcade Shooter level. Way to go!

Duck Shooter Features:

3 modes of play- Duck Shooter pond and marsh scenes, and Arcade Shooter
3 weapons- shotgun, pistol, squirt gun
Shoot the ducks, finger is the weapon
Variety of ducks
Bonus points for black crows and target ducks
Happy hound dog flushes out ducks
Automatic ammo reload
Ducks fly erratically as levels progress
Endless game play, if you have the skills
Saved best score
Retro inspired graphics with a modern twist
Feel nostalgic, relive your childhood
Duck hunting inspired sound effects
Easy, challenging, and fun for all ages

Direct Download

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