Battleship War 3D PRO apk

Hello, I'd like to introduce the new version of android game.
It is a full real time that UNLOCKS the strategy for your mobile.

Battleship War 3D PRO v3.3.1.3
Requirements: 2.3 and up
Overview: Battleship War 3D PRO
Ahoy, captain! I can already hear the sounds of cannons around! Let's start the strategy game - hurry up and arrange your ships to win the sea battle! But first, pick the style: ancient empire, medieval wars, or modern age!

Tap the screen to choose the theme! Then drag and drop the ships to arrange them. When it is your move, tap the screen to choose a grid where to shoot. Then watch the shoots! You'll see if you guessed the location of your enemy's ship.

As I told you, you can choose the epoch of the naval battleship! It's a way more exciting than a casual sea battle 3d. Here you can see everything! From modern guns, trying to sink ships, to a mythic kraken, hiding under the water!
Anyway, your main mission during the strategy game, is ship shooting! Try to guess where are your adversary's ships and FIRE! Feel like a battleship destroyer, no matter what era it is now!

 Battleship War 3D PRO features☠✮ ✮
 A battleship board game with exciting 3d effects!
 There are 3 playing modes: Ancient, Medieval and Modern!
 You can arrange your ships as you like!
 When you explode your enemies, you can actually see that!
 You have to use strategy and tactics skills to win!

Battleship War 3D PRO has already started! Prove that you are a better ship shooter than your opponent! If you are fed up with old school games, but still want to try your wits, we've got a whole world, full of time travel adventures! Start with an ancient war, then go to a medieval battle, and finally get to the modern naval battles!
Enjoy the battleships and ship shoot challenges in 3D!

What's New
 FULL version of classic war game
 Naval challenge inspired by classic board game
 Fight against opponents
 Play with your friends on one device
 Wide arsenal in your disposal
 Unlock all the levels

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