A Tale of Survival 1.1.80 apk

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A Tale of Survival v1.1.80
Requirements: Android OS 2.1 and up
Overview: A Tale of Survival (ATOS) is open world survival based RPG.

The game features a completely randomly generated open world to explore, crafting, survival based game play and resource gathering. Stranded and alone you must harvest the materials from the land around you to survive!

Features -

 Randomly generated, unique open world to explore
 Craft weapons, clothing and tools
 Dungeons to discover and explore
 Lots of enemy variety!
 Permanent death
 Fight deadly monsters
 Manage your hunger and and warmth to stay alive
 Unique soundtrack
 Fishing, mining and lots more..

- Version 1.1.80 (21-9-14) -
 Better memory management
 Lava provides warmth
 Fix bug with camp-fire vanishing
 Added random drop chances when destroying objects and structures
 Fixed bug with arrows not dropping correctly
 Fixed bug with zoom buttons not displaying
 Chests now spawn with items
 Added bounce when hitting cacti

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