Alien Shooter EX 1.02.07 Mod (Unlimited Money) apk

Hello, I'd like to introduce the new version of android.
It is a full real time that UNLOCKS the strategy for your mobile.

Alien Shooter EX v1.02.07 Mod (Unlimited Money)
Requirements: Android 2.3+
Overview: Alien Shooter: Defend the Earth!

A fun and addictive classic. It has sold over ten million packages worldwide through STEAM and other media, and now you can enjoy Alien Shooter on mobile devices.
"Alien Shooter radiates wild action."

 A whirlwind of fun and full shots for everyone!
 Investigate the mysterious alien conspiracy.
 Walk the armory and its wide variety of weapons.
 Unleash your instincts with weapons and armor of the latest technology.
 Study the swarms of aliens while doing pieces.

 Sharpen the senses or Die!
 Waves of aliens without end.
 Slaughter relentless alien at a frantic pace.
 Press the trigger and feel the recoil.
 Explosions spectacular and realistic graphics to bring life into chaos.

 Say goodbye to complicated games!
 Feel the Battle surrounds you with simple controls.
 Intuitive user interface and minimalist.

 Alien Shooter: Layer after layer of fun
 Develop your character in campaign mode or choose the mode to access hunting clashes will not forget.
 Compete against your friends to improve in the ratings game.
 Upgrade your arsenal and unleashes a power even greater devastation.

 Forget all with Alien Shooter!
 Wake up to the warrior in you with all the action that gives Alien Shooter.
 Dive into thunderous sounds of gunfire and explosions and kill stress.

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