Grabatron 1.5.5 Mod (Unlimited Money) apk

Hello, I'd like to introduce the new version of android game.
It is a full real time that UNLOCKS the strategy for your mobile.

Grabatron v1.5.5 Mod (Unlimited Money)
Requirements: Android v2.1+
Overview: Grabatron is the latest massively addicting game from the makers of Hungry Shark.

"Crazy high replay value, Future Games Of London has delivered one of the best action games in the AppStore" - App Shack 4.5/5
"This game makes me laugh the whole time I am playing." - 10/10 PERFECT!

Massive JUNE Update
 5 Ships: Scout, Mustax, Hornet, Talonator and XenoClaw!
 5 Landing Zones!
 Ship Upgrades: Speed, Shield, Crystal Attraction!
 Extra Lives!

Grabatron is the latest massively addictive game from the makers of Hungry Shark.

Take control of a UFO with a retractable claw and destroy the puny humans!
Terrorise them anyway you like: Toss them, crush them, abduct them - it's up to you.

Explore a huge and varied environment with hours of action packed gameplay.

 Beautiful Graphics
 Realistic Physics
 Huge world to explore
 Over 30 different missions
 Both Tilt and Touch controls available

Grabatron - where being evil has never been so much fun...

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