SQLTool Pro Database Editor 1.1.0 apk

Hello, I'd like to introduce new android apps. It is a full real time strategy for your mobile.

SQLTool Pro Database Editor v1.1.0
Requirements for SQLTool Pro Database Editor v1.1.0: Android 2.2+
Overview of SQLTool Pro Database Editor v1.1.0: NOW compatible with phones!

Connect and manage MySQL, SQL Server, and Oracle databases from your Android device.

SQLTool is a database SQL editor with rich features that include:

 Export table row data to a CSV file
 Customize-able SQL queries using the query editor
 Full table listings of each database
 Quickly empty or drop tables from the SQL Server, MySQL, or Oracle databases
 Blazing fast select, insert, and update database queries
 Different user interfaces for tablets and phones

Oracle, MySQL, and SQL Server databases can be managed using the query editor or through a limited amount of built in shortcuts.

SQLTool DOES NOT connect to any external web service. All database connections are direct based on the information provided enabling quick SQL queries while keeping your information safe from third party web servers.

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