GravBlocks 1.0 apk

Get the latest android game for your mobile, GravBlocks v1.0
Requirements for GravBlocks v1.0: Android 2.2+
Overview of GravBlocks v1.0: GravBlocks takes a classic game style and—quite literally—turns it on its head. 

Using a familiar formula of matching three like-colored blocks to earn points, players work against increasing difficulties to gain ever higher scores. 
But the difference with GravBlocks is the focus on strategy over combo-building! Players must carefully use modifiers to successfully change the gravity of the game space, as each successful gravitational change brings a score multiplier.

GravBlocks features about GravBlocks v1.0:

4 different gameplay modes.
30 difficulty levels.
60 Achievements.
100 mind-bending puzzles.
Aliens! Neon!

Note: This version runs challenge, destruction, zen modes in 10x10 grid

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