Focus Calculator 2.5 apk

Hello, I'd like to introduce the new version of android app. 
It is a full real time that UNLOCKS the strategy for your mobile.

Focus Calculator 2.5
Sharp Field: a flexible depth of field calculator and rangefinder for film & TV
SharpField is a concise, fast and flexible depth of field calculator designed by a lighting cameraman for use in the television and film industries.
It is primarily designed for use with HD and SD broadcast video cameras but includes settings higher resolutions video cameras.
When working with video, the calculator is calibrated using the resolution of the camera and the size of its sensor. This produces slightly stricter results than some other calculators on the market. But in tests, this calculator has produced pin sharp results which could withstand enlargement in post. Ensuring focus down to the pixel level.
Of course, all cameras have different resolutions and sensor sizes. Another advantage of this application is that it is tailored to work with specific cameras. Unlike many other depth of field applications which just give generic settings like "1/3inch CCD". The camera types included with SharpField are:

 5D II
 SD 4:3
 SD 16:9
 700 XDCam
 800 XDCam
 Red One 4K 2:1
 Red One 4K 16:9
 Red One 3K 2:1
 Red One 3K 16:9
 Red One 2K 2:1
 Red One 2K 16:9
 Epic 5K WS
 Epic 5K Full
 Epic 4K 2:1
 Epic 4K HD
 Epic 4K 16:9
 Epic 3K 2:1
 Epic 3K 16:9
 Epic 2K 2:1
 Epic 2K 16:9
 Black Magic

What's in this version:
Lots more cameras and resolutions added. EPIC, Black Magic Cinema and Digital Bolex.
Got rid of film camera settings and concentrated on high resolution video.
Got rid of target camera part.

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