Total Recall - The Game - Ep2 1.1 apk

Get the latest android game for your mobile. Total Recall - The Game - Ep2 v1.1
Requirements for Total Recall - The Game - Ep2 v1.1: 2.1+
Overview of Total Recall - The Game - Ep2 1.1: With the episode 2, the adventure really starts after Doug’s dream (episode 1).

Our hero, Doug (aka Schwarzenegger) get out of Rekall on earth, but this time with crazier weapons !
Destroy your enemies with a new grenade launcher and many weapons more and more powerful !
Go through new huge levels, looking for all the secrets till the final fight with all news bosses !
Enjoy the new gameplay much more efficient !
Will you accept this new challenge ?
Both Total Recall episode are independent, so you can start with episode 2, but don’t forget to play the adventure in episode 1 for more fun !

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