SlideIT Keyboard 5.0 [Non-Root] apk

Get the latest android apps for your mobile. SlideIT Keyboard v5.0 [Non-Root]
Requirements for SlideIT Keyboard v5.0 [Non-Root]: for all Android versions
Overview of SlideIT Keyboard v5.0 [Non-Root]: SlideIT is the best keyboard for Android devices.

The innovative Android keyboard for quick and easy writing.
SlideIT keyboard is an excellent tool for entering text, replacing your touchscreen keyboard. SlideIT keyboard enables users to dramatically improve writing speed with practically no learning curve.
Instead of entering text by tapping on the keyboard letters, SlideIT keyboard eases texting by sliding a finger along the keyboard letters, while the words “magically” appear on the screen.
SlideIT keyboard version 5 includes many new fieatures and fixes.


SlideIT 5 now supports Korean!
Many keyboard skins for SlideIT are available for download from the Android Market.
SlideIT keyboard fully supports all Android versions from 2.0 (Eclair) and up, including tablets and Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean).

With over 5,000,000 downloads, SlideIT keyboard has been an Android bestseller and selected as an editor's choice by Google.
Among SlideIT's great features:

 Smart predictions and disambiguation
 Over 45 language packs and layouts
 More than 60 skins
 Keyboard customization
 Import contacts from your phone

SlideIT's many great features make it the ultimate time-saving keyboard for Android devices. Writing e-mail, SMS messaging or just chating with your friends on a small touchscreen is now easy and fun!
The best keyboard on the Android Market!

What's in this version:

 User Interface:
 Full 2D resizing and moving capability
 Scrollable keyboard banner
 Easier symbol and number entry:
 Number suggestion
 Symbol sliding
 Punctuation suggestions
 Auto insert period
 FastAction capability
 Insert text
 Open apps
 Editing commands
 Easier Input:
 Simple input of internet domains
 Easy spacing
 Delete whole words
 Fast case switching
 Better SlideIT
 Word revival
 Many more options to customize SlideIT and bugs fixed.

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