Public Enemies Bonnie & Clyde – Extended Edition HD 1.009 apk

Get the latest android game for your mobile. Public Enemies Bonnie & Clyde – Extended Edition HD v1.009
Requirements for Public Enemies Bonnie & Clyde – Extended Edition HD v1.009: 2.2 and up
Overview of Public Enemies Bonnie & Clyde – Extended Edition HD v1.009: This is a 3D defense game by building many towers.

The game is about people build towers and heros to protect the precious stone, and fight with evil force.

Anger B.C TD is a strategy game with beautiful 3D environments, HD graphics.

Get Anger B.C TD now and lose yourself in a unique and beautiful world. Use heros ,towers, magic powers and obviously your tactical skills and the wisdom to defend and protect the precious stone.

After creating the world, god became a precious stone to protect human being. It's said the precious stone can keep the world peaceful and make people powerful,but once it leaves the Temple, the peace would break. 
People lived around the temple and protected the precious stone.They fighted against those who tried to steal the precious stone. Now,after years' peace, a new evil force is coming.....Our warriors are ready to fight! 

Game Features:

Completely new experience in mobile video games!
Beautiful 3D environments & HD Graphics!
Eight towers (Savage, Hunter, Slinger and so on )
Ten different world 
Theree heros,each one has different power
Two game modes: Challenge and Endless

Direct Download

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