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Get the latest android apps for your mobile. GO Power Master Premium v2.5
Requirements for GO Power Master Premium v2.5: Android v2.1+
Overview of GO Power Master Premium v2.5: GO Power Master is a professional tool to help you save the power of the battery.

The previous version may have a battery consumption problem. We have fixed it now. Please update to the latest version.

New features:
1. Decreased the power consumption
2. Eliminated the annoying pop-up window
3. Crashing when open the consumption detail interface

GO Power Master is a professional management tool represented by GO Dev team to help you monitor and save the power of your battery. 


1. Functional module management:
GO Power Master will decrease the power loss by managing the network, the radio, the brightness and other power consumed modules of your mobile phone 

2. Running applications monitoring:
GO Power Master will help you to find out the most power consumed applications by precisely monitoring and analyzing the power consuming of every running application. 

3. Smart power saving:
GO Power Master will smartly switch to the saving mode when the power is low or the time you set is reached.

4. Time statistics
GO Power Master will precisely calculate the time statistics for endurance, calls, video, audio, network and standby of your battery. 

5. One-Touch Optimization helps you to lighten the load of your battery easily.

6. Modes help you to use the battery selectively and wisely. 

7. The GO Power Master widgets provide you the way to handle the power quickly without opening the application.

8. More widgets, more functionalities with GO Launcher EX. 

How to add the GO Power Master widgets?
-Long press the home screen, select “Widget” and select “GO Power Master (4*1)”. Make sure there’re enough spaces in your home screen.

-If you have already installed GOLauncher EX, you can use the cool GO Power Master GOWidgets with more functions and more effects. 

Recent changes:
The previous version may have a battery consumption problem. We have fixed it now. Please upgrade to the latest version.

New features:

1.(Optimization) Decreased the battery consumption. Saving more power and running more efficiently
2.(Optimization) Removed some unnecessary resources to decrease the app size
3.(New) App auto clean when lock the screen (Must be first opened manually in settings)
4.(New) Smartly close Wi-Fi when the signal is too weak
5.(New) Support the exception mode for the smart save
6.(Fixed) The Screen timeout was set to 15s but not 15min
7.(Fixed) In some cases the white list is not working 
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Latest version: 2.5 (, supports App2SD)

Note: all premium features enabled.

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