A Story of a Band 1.2.1 apk

Get the latest android game for your mobile. A Story of a Band v1.2.1 apk
Requirements for A Story of a Band v1.2.1: 1.6 and up
Overview of A Story of a Band 1.2.1: Play yourself through the history of rock music!
Start writing the story of your band today!

Do you have what it takes to be a leader of a rock band? Are you able to form up a band that will become the most popular band of all times?

A Story of a Band is a management game, where you can:
- Choose your band members from 25 different characters with unique abilities
- Unlock over 60 different skills
- Buy over 40 different items
- Choose from 14 different musical genres, with unique effects on your band
- Improve your band's proficiency in 10 fields
- Train and level up your band members
- Plan and perform concert tours
- Make albums with personalized style and theme
- Fight against other bands
- Perform publicity stunts to enhance your band's public image
- Go to interview sessions
- Make choises at random and historical events
- Use your knowledge of rock bands and the history of rock music

- If your game is sluggish or crashes a lot, try disabling the sounds from menu
- The very first loading time can be very slow (even 10 mins) on some devices

- fixed a bud with recruiting
- Achievements
- Stimulants are cheaper on normal difficulty
- Some bug fixes

 Pocket Gamer - Silver Award 
 AndroidTapp - 4.5/5 
 Android-Games.com - The Game of the Week, September 2. 2012
 Virgin Media - One of Top 10 Smartphone Games, August 2012 
 Android Entity - 4.5/5 
 AndroidZoom - 4/5 

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