APK Android : [NeoGeo Emulator] NeoDroid V1.9 (1.9)

Summary: NeoDroid is a NeoGeo adversary for android, based on GnGeo emulator.
File Name: n19.zip
File Size: 12.1 Mb

- Put bios annal (neogeo.zip) in your roms agenda ("/mnt/sdcard/neodroid/roms")
- Put roms in your roms agenda ("/mnt/sdcard/neodroid/roms")
- Compatible with mame roms architecture (from "www.rom-world.com" for example)
- Run at abounding acceleration on 1GHZ+ devices
- Affinity should be the aforementioned as the GnGeo adaptation 0.8 emulator

Previous Versions:
NeoDroid v1.5
NeoDroid v1.4
NeoDroid v1.3

What's in this version:
Version 1.8:

- Added save/load accompaniment abutment (with a little bug: it seems that ancient the music is not appropriately adequate in ram)
- Added a affinity account with roms links look (search button)
- A complete botheration should be fixed, the adversary "should" not adhere anymore on the NeoGeo logo aback loading multiples roms
- No restart on avenue appetite anymore, departure the appetite will accompany aback to the rom alternative list
- Should afresh fix a botheration with the awning aspect arrangement (ex. Garou Mark of the Wolves)
- Added advance bar on roms loading
- Botheration aback appliance "home" arrangement spotted : be abiding to accept the bios book "aes-bios.bin" in your neogeo.zip book (still not alive actual great)
- Added z80 and 68k overlock in preferences (improve neogeo framerate on amateur like metal slug)
- Fix adolescent roms not alive (metal bang 4 plus, Puzzle De Pon! R!)
- Appetite will now abeyance aback in-game card is showing
- Custom appliance theme
- Add screenshot examination aback affecting a rom icon
Version 1.6

- fix Breakers Revenge (breakrev.zip) not added to affinity list
- fix a amiss aspect arrangement bug
Version 1.5

- fix a bug preventing the use if "uni-bios.rom" bios.
- fix "menu" button blinking aback appliance accouterments controller.
- advance controls cipher again, this additionally advance famerate.
- anticipate ablution of adverse roms (based on roms names).

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